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I have been following and lurking on this site for a while now. I find t iteresting that so many have this auto immune disease and so little people actually understand or sympathize with pain related to this disease.

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Hi @allysonmollung, Thank you for sharing a piece of your endo story with us. I am so happy you did! We are always learning so much from one another by reading these stories. You have certainly had to undergo some major downs before experiencing these “ups”! You can feel out of control physically & emotionally when living with endo as it is so…

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Hey guys!! My name is Ally and I was diagnosed with Endo when I was a senior in high school almost six years ago! My journey has not been easy and I’ve pushed it under the rug for quite some time HOWEVER I am d […]

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Hi there @allysonmollung! We are so thrilled that you have officially joined our community! Glad you are having a good day today. Thanks for the supportive sentiments!! Reach out anytime & if you ever have a question for our community you can submit it here.

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Hi @Heidijoy! Thanks for sharing this! You are describing my nearly same experience w/the Mirena…minus the no A/C (that’s brutal), but otherwise same feelings. I’d say I got close to more 3 years, but right around that mark it seems all started going south. I was/am still not experiencing as much endo pain prior to the Mirena & debilitating…

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I had the Mirena put in and it worked great for me for about 2 years. The process of getting it inserted was not a great experience. Even taking the amount of pain meds beforehand that the dr recommenced, did not feel it helped with any of the pain. I overheated because it was the summer and the air was not working great in the room I had the…

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Thank you @Beckybrown for such an honest & open comment as it certainly helps to let others (like myself) know that they are not alone! I too am a mother and try to stay as active as possible and taking all the right steps both physically & emotionally, but it seems like no matter what I do the fatigue simply is always there. In turn, impacting my…

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I’m glad to be in touch with people who share in this diagnosis. I have had it for years with surgery to remove some from outside my bladder and intestines. Recently I have developed severe allergies and now I wonder if this is tied into it. Severe fatigue with diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I am a nurse and a mother a…