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Wait time laprascopy

Does anyone know how long the wait time for a diagnostic laprascopy would be? I have severe symptoms (not much pain but severe urinary frequency possibly from bladder endometriosis). I have missed all of 10th grade and would like to be better for sports in the spring or this winter. Also how long would the wait generally be for an appointment with pediatric gyn? All of my doctors are at boston childrens so if anyone’s had experience with them for endo I’d like to know that too.

  1. Wow, , that is a lot to be dealing with! I'm so sorry that it's been so rough.
    I can't say specifically how long wait times for appointments or surgery might be, but in general for a specialist like a pediatric GYN it may take some time (weeks to months) to get an appointment scheduled. It just depends on how busy they are. That can be frustrating, to have to wait when you are ready to just feel better, I know. Your doctor will help you make a plan and will let you know a timeline.
    You might try the Nancy's Nook group on Facebook for more information on specific clinics and doctors.
    Good luck with all of this! Hope you find some answers soon! -Audrey ( team)

    1. hello!! I am having my second laproscopy for my endometriosis.

      Recovery period is about a week in a half depending on how your surgery goes and your diagnosis of endometriosis.

      A couple hours is what mine took and it was same day surgery.

      I would call asap if your OBGYN is wanting to do a laproscopy depending on days they do surgery’s could be a waiting period up to 3 weeks or depending on severity of your symptoms.

      That’s my experience ☺️ I hope it helps and I pray you feel better soon! In this together

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here to this fellow warrior and the community. Your support is so appreciated! We're all in this together. 💛💛💛

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