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Updating my support system

I have an amazing support system on here and a lot has happened so I thought I would do a quick update.

Last Tuesday, the scope of my salivary ducts went well. There was a bit of narrowing on each side so they were able to naturally stretch it a bit without having to use stints. (Stints would have been the surgery part of things) I had the biopsy done to test for Sjogren's Syndrome, which was done on the inside of my lip on the left side. As a result, I've been on a liquid diet since then. The general anesthesia they gave me has given me liquid but thankfully they are decreasing in frequency. I'm hoping that in a couple more days I will be able to return to solid foods. They forgot to tell me the aftercare for the biopsy site so it ended up getting quite painful. Thankfully, two days ago I came across the information and the pain has already started to decrease. I'm lucky I didn't get an infection as it's in my mouth.

I miss solid foods so much!!!!

2 days after that, after spending 20mins on the thrown, both my feet were massively asleep. I stood up and there was a horrible loud painful pop from my left foot. I cried out and sat back down on the toilet seat. I had almost rolled my ankle and something was definitely out of place. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in to see my physiotherapist until Monday. My husband was able to massage it really well on Friday night and I was able to get most of it back in place. Then yesterday, the physiotherapist got the rest of it back in. Oh the joys of sitting on a toilet for too long. 🤪

On the 26th I go up to the hospital to have my heart monitored for 7 days. Most likely will be done via Holter monitor but I don't know for sure. When I had one for 48hrs, I had welts where the sensors were so I am not looking forward to 7 days.

On the 30th I get the biopsy results. That day will also be 17 days until my 35th birthday.

I saw my GP 2wks ago about the infection going on under my breasts. I had thought it was the sweat causing a yeast infection. Then I had a pimple on the underside of my breast pop while out walking. Within 20mins I was getting the reaction that looked like a yeast infection. My GP thinks it's a bacterial infection so based on the new info so I'm on a round of antibiotics. YAY!🙃 Just kidding about the yay😋It's the kind where I need to be careful in the sun so I don't get a nasty sunburn.

Hubby and I attended our first Pride parade at our city's first-ever Pride parade on Saturday. Such an amazing turn out of a couple hundred. We marched up at the front cause it seemed like if there was going to be any trouble, it would happen there and my hubby could help. (He's a big strong guy and can have a very intimidating sounding voice if he wants)

Endo wise: Experiencing the occasional rough cramp here and there but it still seems like, for the most part, I'm borderline remission, with extremely slow growth.

  1. Thanks for sharing with us. You've really got a lot of balls in the air! And absolutely no fun to have another injury while recovering from a procedure and spending extra time in the bathroom. I wish you luck with your hospital trip. Do you get welts because you react to the adhesive? I get rashes from adhesives.
    That's awesome that you were able to attend Pride. Glad that you feel your endo is in borderline remission. Nice to have one thing working in your favor! ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. Yea I'm usually juggling multiple things.
      It's really nice that one thing is going right, it helps my mental health.

      Always will keep the updates coming, you folks are fantastic. Hugs and good vibes back to you
      me as a bitmoji offering air hugs

    2. Ah that air hug sticker is the cutest!!! <3 -Kimberli (advocate)

  2. Hello, hello, hello. I have an update but I'm too exhausted to type it all out, but slightly differently so it doesn't appear as spam as I gave an update on the IBS site. (sorry if that doesn't make sense, struggling to string together thoughts coherently)

    1. Thank you so much Kimberli. I made an appointment to see my GP to go over everything and see what she thinks. I thought we finally had an answer but the tests say otherwise. ugh. I'll always make sure to keep this community updated, the support here is amazing!

    2. I know - I hate that, when you feel like you are finally getting somewhere and then, bam, back to square one. I am dealing with that right now. But I know we will get the answers and relief we need. Let's keep on fighting for it. Hope you are having a good start to your week. And yes, as always, definitely keep us posted. Here keeping an eye out for your posts! <3 -Kimberli (advocate)

  3. Hello my beautiful community! Long time no being on here (instead of long time no see)😜

    Omg December was quite the month for me. First is started off with having the new Covid booster shot & the huge amounts of fatigue that came with that.

    Then on the 19th I was hit with the most agonizing migraine I have ever had. It first hit in the morning but eased up a bit. Then later at night, it hit again & this time when I threw up, there was blood. I told my hubby I needed to go to the E.R. They ended up giving me some pain killers & a nasal swab to test for Covid & the flu. They did a CT scan to make sure I didn't have a brain bleed or tumor. The swab came back normal so they figured I had some sort of viral infection. They released me from the hospital & told me if it gets worse to come back & they will do a spinal tap to make sure it's not bacterial meningitis. On the 22nd, I had the migraine hit again so back to the hospital I went. This time I was kept for 48hrs & was released on Xmas Eve. They did a spinal tap & thankfully it wasn't any kind of meningitis. My blood work showed I did have some sort of viral infection & I was really dehydrated so they think that's what caused the migraine. I was given IV fluids & an opioid to get things under control. I ended up having that migraine for 33 days straight. I was taking opioids & Tylenol every 5hrs. It was hell. Bowel movements seemed to want to trigger the migraine to go extremely bad so I would have to caress my skin lightly to flood my brain with good chemicals. It helped, thankfully. I was also way more fatigued than normal & sleeping 16hrs at night & always needing my 2hr nap. (I need to nap minimum 2hrs or I feel really grungy & jittery).

    I am glad the migraine finally broke & my fatigue levels are returning to their normal. I'm even getting a bit of work done today.

    1. OMG, that's a horrid ordeal. I'm glad to hear that you're slowly getting back to baseline. You've been through the ringer. I'm going to cross my fingers that the next time you update us it will be to say you've had an uneventful stretch. Sending very gentle hugs your way! ~Katrina, Advocate

    2. Yes, there always seems to be something going on.

      Feb 11th is the 16th anniversary of my first miscarriage. I don't think the snow will have melted enough to make the small hike to the memorial spot I picked out for Remi and Ren (my two miscarried babies names) so I'll just do a small thing at home.

      Thank you for the keeping your fingers crossed for me and the gentle hugs. Hope you are doing alright.

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