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Trying to Conceive with Endeometrosis


I am on my second month on TTC with my partner(just went off birth control in June) I am 26 years old and he's 28. I had an endeometrioma (so stage 3 or 4 endeometriosis) but with birth control and my fertility doctor we were able to reduce in size and now it's not even visible in my ovary so we think it may be gone, but still endometriosis. I was wondering if anyone with has succeeded pregnancy with my similar stage without having laparoscopy, just conceived naturally? I am wishing I can conceive without any treatment but I know it's hard with endometriosis.

  1. Hi , I went ahead and posted this to our Facebook page to try and get some community members sharing their experiences for you and we got quite a few comments there. I wanted to share the link with you if you wanted to take a look at what other community members have experienced: While I haven't personally experienced what you are asking insights on, I wanted you so much luck in your journey to conceive and sending lots of love and good thoughts your way. 💛 Kayleigh, team

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