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How to Ease Transvaginal Ultrasound Pain

Hi everyone, I’m 36 and was never able to have a proper intercourse without pain! I’m just avoiding it within the last year.

I need to do a transvaginal ultrasound to find out where the endometriosis is and how it inside... I tried a couple of times before but each time I had so much pain that I had to cancel the ultrasound and could never even do be able to have it inside.

Is there any tips or anyway that you think that help me to get prepared for it? I have another one in 2 weeks and don’t want to just pay and cancel it again ☹️ Need to really solve it. I had physiotherapy before which only helped very little and I gave up after a couple of months...

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out & for your question. I first just want to say that you are absolutely NOT alone in dealing with this! Personally, I am very much interested to see if others from the community may in fact jump in because I too would love to hear what tips they have! I have always dreaded an internal u/s for the same reasons! That being said, I am wondering if it might be worth asking your Ob/Gyn if they feel a muscle relaxant or valium might be beneficial to take prior to your exam. Just a thought! Personally, I had to take a valium 1x before prior to a procedure I was having on my leg and it did help to calm me & the pain quite a bit. Although I had to have someone drive me to & from the procedure due to taking it as it can (and did) make me feel a tad "loopy". On the downside too, it made me feel sleepy a few hours later, so I feel while it helped to calm me for the procedure, my day was somewhat lost feeling as I could not shake the sleepiness side effect. Anyhow...I am hoping others may have some some advice & feedback! Good luck & let us know how things go if you can!

    1. Dear Jo,
      Thank you very much for your comments. I’ll definitely will ask gp. Once a sex therapy gave me a “numbit” cream; but unfortunately didn’t work for me.

      1. PS - Here are some resources we have regarding sex & intimacy if you'd like to explore - & and some info on CBD lube -

        Best of luck! Know we are always here to lend an ear! 😀 Hugs.

    2. Thanks again and a lot Jo! I haven’t heard of CBD oil before.. . I read the document and will definitely try it!

      1. , sending you good thoughts! I second what Jo said, maybe ask doctor about a muscle relaxant. Before my appointments like that, I usually do some yoga and mediation and it helps relax my entire body. Along with a little CBD to calm me down. Hopefully you find something that works for you and you can get your appointment in. Please keep us posted on how it goes! Thinking of you. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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