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Ovary pain - cyst or ovulation

Currently I had another round of ovary pain, I'm not sure if it's a cyst or just bad ovulation, this is not the first time I experienced this. It has happened october 2021; June 2021;September 2022; and now January 2023. 3 of the times it's been on the right side, and one time on the left. The most recent being on the right.
I can't tell if it's a cyst or just bad ovulation. My cycles are not regular at all, and I'm undiagnosed, but 100% sure i have endometriosis. Going to get this checked out tomorrow to hopefully find out.

  1. I see you posted this yesterday; I hope everything went well with your doctor. Did you get any information there that was helpful? Did they do an ultrasound? That was how my first ovarian cyst was diagnosed. ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. I'm not really sure what's next, as my blood work to check for pcos cam back normal, and my imaging for my ultrasound came back normal(despite the left ovary not being visible).
      I'm completely stumped as to what's causing the occasional pain near the ovary area, as well as my very irregular periods. I am however booked for an appointment with an endometriosis specialist as I suspect endometriosis might be playing a role with my periods and pain in someway.

    2. I'm glad to hear you were able to book an appointment with an endo specialist...fingers crossed you get some answers and/or action steps! ~Katrina, Advocate

  2. This “ovary” pain happens to me so often that I’m more surprised when it doesn’t happen at this point. I can say that, for me, it’s mostly associated with ovulation.

    I actually have a history of endometriomas on my left side, and I’ve had two surgeries to remove them. But I get the pain most often on my right side. Occasionally there is a cyst there, but usually it’s nothing. This has been happening on and off for more than 25 years! My advice is to definitely let your doctor know if it happens for more than 3 cycles — that’s a sign there could be a lingering cyst. I usually also have nausea and/or vomiting with endometriomas.

    I’m 41 now. And lately by the time I get in for an ultrasound, there’s evidence that I’ve ovulated (or so the tech tells me) but no cysts. Was there a cyst that went away on its own? Maybe. But in the past 13 years, I haven’t had a cyst large enough for the doctor to be concerned. However, I had larger ones more often in my 20s.

    Let us know how your visit goes! - Keri (team member)

    1. That’s an interesting observation about the large intestine. I’m definitely curious to know if your doctor finds any connection there. One thing I forgot to add is that I’ve twice had lots of scar tissue removed on the right side, near my appendix and abdominal wall. So, although there was no endo there, SOMETHING was causing the scar tissue to form and that probably has something to do with my past and lingering issues. (I also had my appendix removed recently, but it was negative for endo.) - Keri (team member)

    2. I'm planning to book an appointment with my pcp, to ask for a a scan to rule out the appendix. There's lots of things that could be causing the pain. I don't think it is the appendix, because i don't have a fever or any of the other symptoms, besides the pain. Maybe with a scan like a ct, it could show something causing it.

  3. I have exactly this! Pain on my right side but cysts are always found on my left side, which I can’t get my head around. Also ovary pain around ovulation. Waiting for my first laparoscopy after 3 years of pain, ruptured cysts & endometrioma (which dr’s always seem v casual about).

    1. It’s so confusing! One of my doctors suggested that it’s possible that the recurrent left-sided cysts altered the structure of my pelvis, pulling my uterus to the left. She said this shift *might* be pulling my right side to the left, causing tightness or other pain. I’ve also had a physical therapist tell me there is a trigger point issue in my muscle on the right side. What she means is there’s just a lump of what’s probably built up scar tissue. No one can’t tell me why there is scar tissue in my muscle only on the right side. Nor does anyone think it’s a big deal or something that needs surgery — it looks clear from the outside, endo-wise.

      But, structurally, my pelvis and hips tilt the left. And that’s something you can see with the naked eye. But no one can say for sure if this is why my right side hurts all the time. All I know is that physical therapy (with a spinal physical therapist and sports physical therapist) focusing on the right side really does help. - Keri (team member)

    2. I agree with Keri's assessment...the pulling of adhesions and cysts can cause referred pain elsewhere. Also: it incenses me that doctors will act like ruptured cysts and endometriomas are not that big of a deal! First of all, it's the worst pain I've ever been in, and second, my ruptured endometriomas made it difficult for one of my surgeons to find and excise endometriosis because it was a mess in my pelvis after multiple ruptured endometriomas. ~Katrina, Advocate

  4. Update: on my original post:
    , I'm going back to the same ob gyn's (PA - C) doctors office that I saw I in january for this Wednesday. I had another round of this pain just yesterday(6/25/23), on the right side(6th occurrence of it happening from the start of 2021. This time I am discussing surgical management, because I feel like I need to, but with one of medical ob gyn doctors. Hoping for some more answers to this pain.

    1. update, booked an appointment with a PA-C in gastroenterology, to see what they have to say about the unexplained pain, also requested a ct scan from the PA-C gyn I saw in january, she approved of it. Just waiting to see if PA-C for gastroenterology agrees about ct scan.

    2. Glad to hear you've got some appointments coming up and I'll cross my fingers that you get some good answers!

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