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I feel like my symptoms are getting worse and at this point I’m not sure it’s endo. I’m scheduled for a lap in July but I’m worried about my symptoms. I now have daily bowel spasms, nausea, fatigue and pelvic pain. The severity and symptoms don’t sound like what I’ve heard from other people with endo. Thoughts?

  1. Hi , My heart is going out to you on experiencing those symptoms and that they just feel like they are getting worse and worse. That's got to be really tough to go through. Unfortunately, what you mentioned are very common symptoms associated with endo. I am going to be linking quite a few articles below because I want to address everything that you mentioned. No pressure to look through them at all though.

    Bowel Spasms/Bowel Issues:


    Fatigue: This article talks about ways to work around fatigue for one of our advocates:

    Pelvic Pain: We have a physical therapist that shared a video on how to reduce pelvic pain that you can see here: as well.

    I really hope that helps and that you have more low pain days than not before your lap in July. Have you tried to get in with your regular obgyn or specialist to discuss how to curb those symptoms in the meantime? Sending you so many good thoughts and vibes dear . 💛 Warmly, Kayleigh, team

    1. Hi ! I just wanted to stop by here and see how you were feeling since you posted this last week. Thinking of you. 💛 Wishing you a low pain day. Kayleigh, team

      1. I share this too . I feel I'm developing endo at my 30s. Runs in my family . I have the constant nausea Ill feeling when on my period time and sporadic blow out bowels around period time too. Not just that it's lasting longer in my system now and feels I don't get a break afterwards the PMs starts back up again :/

        I also have requested a laproscopy for end of July . Waiting to hear back from assigned hospital.

      2. Oh goodness, if I could give you a giant hug right now, believe me, I would. I'm so sorry you are dealing with that right now. It's great that you are getting a lap in July and I am truly hoping for some answers for you. Have you found anything that has helped your nausea and bowel troubles? 💛 Kayleigh, team

    2. Yes , distant hugs 🤗

      When did you discover your endometriosis? What were your symptoms?

      Unfortunately , I have not found a relief way for my symptoms . I've heard though from online searching some foods could trigger the information more like dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol probably means around that monthly cycle to avoid those for sure . Like today , I was craving a smoothie 🥤 from the high heat outside usually get it with yogurt but I took out the dairy out of it . I'm currently approaching my period and haven't been feeling well at all . Diet has one main impact on an overall wellbeing's health. What have you done to relieve yours ?

      The soonest they gave me for laproscopy was end of July and that can't come soon enough ! My preferred hospital of choice wasn't available till September! Oh well ! It will have to be at this other hospital ...

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