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Surgery Recovery

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well, I just had my first endo laparoscopy yesterday and boy has it been a journey already. I am officially diagnosed with endo after years of pain. I had two 7 cm endometriomas removed and was diagnosed with stage 2 endo. Recovery has definitely been a bit tough and boy is the shoulder pain REAL 😫 but in a weird way I feel so much better already, my Obgyn did fulguration (he did say he excised and burned) and he found endo all in my pelvic region along with behind my bowel. I am hoping this surgery helps me once I am fully healed & appreciate this community as I feel very happy and comfortable sharing this with you all! 💛

  1. Hi lexarangel22,
    So glad to hear that you've gotten the clarity of a diagnosis! Did your doctor happen to mention that GasX will help with the referred shoulder pain? I used it my last two surgeries and it made a huge difference.
    Please keep us posted on your recovery. I hope it goes well and that you're feeling much improved soon. ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. Yes he did mention I should get some sort of stool softener, I got a generic kind and it helped so much!

  2. Hi , I am glad that your surgery is finally behind you! I can imagine feeling better just knowing more clearly what is going on in your body, and having the endometriomas removed and fulguration complete. Phew, it's been a challenging couple of months! Yes, the gas pains can be awful--I hope by now you are feeling a bit better from that. I really appreciate you sharing your story with this community. Best wishes for a smooth recovery--keep in touch! -Audrey ( team)

    1. Yes it’s definitely nice to finally have a proper diagnoses, now on to managing and hopefully living symptom free or less atleast, thank you I am definitely feeling a ton better ☺️

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