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Spasm/contractions while sleeping causing intense pain

I'm 34 and have had endo symtoms since I was 11 when my periods started. Endo was suspected right away but I was told if I took birth control it would stop it from growing. Deep infiltrating endo was diagnosed earlier this year throughout my bowel and uterine ligaments and I'm having surgery in the spring.
For the past 2 years I have had these intense episodes where I wake up in a spasm and intense pain. Sometimes I throwup, and I always have IBS symtoms for a few hours after. In addition to intense hunched over pain. I have similar symtoms after orgasm. I a m wondering if anyone else has these episodes, and if so if you've found any relief. They happen when I'm asleep so I think prevention isn't an option and they're starting to happen more frequently, at least weekly. I've tried deep belly breathing and stretches but whether I do those or stay hunched over in pain it still takes the same amount of time to go away. Painkillers also don't seem to help as it's more acute and intense muscle pain. Wondering if anyone takes muscle relaxers at night to prevent it?

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