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Shoulder Pain

Hey everyone! Last time I was here I was getting ready to get ablation surgery while I did go through with it it went very well.. however, it has been 6 months since and I can now feel my symptoms coming back.. bloating, tugging in belly, exhaustion, and my other symptom that I have is shoulder pain.. a constant nagging shoulder pain I didn’t think about it until it started coming back again and didn’t realize it maybe could be linked to endo? Any thoughts?

  1. Hi there! So sorry you didn't find longer relief from your surgery. That is exactly how my first surgery went. Unfortunately, the golden standard for laparoscopy is excision, not ablation. This was something I wasn't aware of for my first surgery. Here are a few articles that may be helpful discussing the two:

    Of course, endometriosis can come back at some point, with both of those types of surgeries. But more so right away with ablation - which has been my experience.

    Shoulder pain can certainly be a sign of endometriosis as well. Which for some, can mean thoracic endometriosis. Here is an article more on that:

    But that doesn't always mean that's exactly what it is. Honestly, for months after my surgery, I had some shoulder pain. So, this is something I would definitely try talking to your doctor about if you can. I would also suggest maybe reaching out to an endometriosis specialist as well, they may be better able to help you out.

    It is definitely so frustrating to have surgery, feel some sort of relief and then a few months later, the pains seem to be back 🙁 And again, so sorry you are dealing with this. Know, you are not alone. We are here for you and me and so many truly can relate. We hope you do find some more answers and relief soon. Reach out if you have any more questions or just need to chat too <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    1. Yes I was told Ablation was much worse to do, Knowing how I feel know I definitely won’t do it again and will only find someone who specializes in endometriosis, The shoulder pain comes and goes it’s usually when I have a flare or 1/2 weeks before my period but definitely actively looking for a specialist now ☺️

  2. Thanks for letting us know how things have gone for you. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a return of symptoms. It's fairly common, unfortunately. I've had four surgeries so far. I would definitely suggest finding a doctor near you that can do excision surgery (MIGS trained is excellent...Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery). Nancy's Nook can provide suggestions for doctors in many areas of the US and some international locations. The bloating, tugging in your belly, fatigue, and pain are all signs to me that something endo-related could be going on. Best of luck and please reach out if you have more questions! ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. Thank you! ☺️ Yes I am starting to look into finding a specialist instead of my regular OB

      1. Great. Please keep us posted about how that goes. ~Katrina, Advocate

    2. I hate that you didn’t get more relief from the ablation. That said, I have heard of people dealing with Endo induced shoulder pain I just haven’t myself. I will encourage you, if you haven’t, to go see an OBGYN who specializes in endometriosis before you decide on any further treatment. Most OBGYNs will do ablations or even hysterectomies to treat Endo. But those who specifically specialize in Endo are up to date on all the current ins and outs of available treatment. I went in to see my dr in 2018 assuming we would be scheduling an ablation at minimum but ready to ask about a hysterectomy. But she threw me a curve ball and suggested we try the mirena IUD. I hadn’t heard much about this as treatment but was open to it. It’s been a game changer and I haven’t had to have any surgery treating it since. I still do have flare ups and times when i hurt but overall it’s been great. All that said I do really hope you find some relief soon. Please let us know what direction you end up going and if it helps. Big hugs!

      Amber ( team moderator)

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