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Shoulder Pain

I have not been diagnosed yet but going to the Dr on Friday. I’ve experienced shoulder tip pain only on my left shoulder and sometimes it goes down my arm. Sometimes it’s dull and sometimes quick and sharp. I’m having fertility issues as well (2 MCs in 2 years). No normal endo symptoms like you would think other than the infertility and what I’m thinking shoulder pain may be linked. Has anyone else experienced this shoulder pain? I’ve kept track of when it happens for a year and it happens a couple times each month.

  1. Hi , I have experienced shoulder pain, arm numbness, but also discomfort radiating down my hip, leg etc. The truth is that endometriosis can come with two random symptoms or with a myriad of them, so it’s very hard to say whether what you’re experiencing is connected or not. The best route to explore this, is what you’re already doing, seeing a doctor.

    You can find more information on endometriosis symptoms on the link below (should you need it):

    Since you’re experiencing fertility issues, the doctor should be open to discussing and possibly looking for endometriosis adhesions, so it is a very valid and useful conversation to have. The fact that you have already kept track of these symptoms and have that information ready, is really helpful.

    What I am trying to say, is that you are rocking this already 😉

    Please keep us posted on how it goes, and if you have further doubts or questions, do reach out to us 😀 - Jessie (team member)

    1. - just wanted to chime in. Like Jessie said, endometriosis can come with a load of symptoms or not very many at all. So it is so hard to really determine what it could be. But you are already taking a great first step by seeing your doctor. Take with you a notebook filled with these symptoms and if you can write out the time frame of when you experience them the most, that could be super helpful as well. I think you have enough symptoms including the fertility issues, for them to think about looking at endometriosis for sure. Let me say one thing though- if this doctor doesn't seem to listen to you or pushes looking for endometriosis off, don't get discouraged. This has happened to so many of us in the endo community before. If that happens, keep fighting and looking for a doctor who will listen to you. But hopefully that won't be the case today! I hope you get to this appointment and they are ready to help you figure this all out. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Thinking of you today and sending good thoughts <3 -Kimberli (team member)

      1. Endometriosis can be associated with chest pain, right upper quadrant pain, and chronic shoulder tip pain. Pelvic pain is also an important symptom of endometriosis. The right way to identify this is by discussing it with a doctor. However, I can give you some tips to reduce any kind of shoulder pain and pelvic pain. Severe pelvic pain was the main symptom I had faced with endometriosis. I took physiotherapy exercises from my nearest physiotherapist: [ ] for decreasing my pelvic pain. My physiotherapist advised me simple exercises focused on the pelvic muscles which help to strengthen those muscles. Massage therapy also an alternative method to reduce the pain in patients suffering from endometriosis. It can also be considered as a complementary therapy with no side effects.

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