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Second opinion

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with endometriosis. I’ve had 2 surgeries and been on a few different medications. I’m at an impasse now because I would like to get a second opinion however I’m struggling to find a specialist for this? Any help is appreciated!

  1. Hello @missym, thanks for reaching out. With regards finding a specialist, have you checked Nancy’s Nook on Facebook? It’s a great resource for endometriosis patients, and it has information on specialists of the disease near you. They have quite a lot of data and it is updated very regularly, so it’s worth having a look.

    Another thing to do is to check if there is a local, or regional endometriosis support group, that is also near you, and email them to see if they can recommend a clinic or a specific doctor - this is the approached I used, by the way.

    I hope this helps, and that you can find someone to help you get some relief. You are very right in seeking a second opinion, so please don’t give up if it gets a bit tricky. We are here for you, so do reach to us with anything, and we will try our best to support you 😀 – Jessie (team member)

    1. Thank you! I will check out Nancy’s Nook!

      1. we hope you find it helpful. Do reach out with any other questions or even if you just need to chat. We are here! Sending hugs <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    2. Thank you. I did not find a specialist on that site in my area but I’m not giving up!

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