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Period flu and anxiety

So my period was a bit out of whack last month and now I’m feeling so run down and I’m sleeping constantly. This has been my life for a good few years now. The days before my period are absolute hell I’m so moody and I feel like I can never do anything right. I feel like a zombie, I can’t keep heat, I’m not hungry but I feel more bloated than ever.Now my period is here I’m miserable in pain.. I struggle going to the doctors cause I just feel ignored, and then I feel silly, like maybe there isn’t anything wrong at all - that I’m overreacting. I am wondering if I should try and go private just to get a referral or I should just keep trying with the doctors until I’m heard. It’s so hard to do anything right now, I’m struggling with going to work too. I don’t know how to not be perceived that I’m not exaggerating.

  1. Sorry to hear that things have been so challenging lately. Fatigue can make the simplest day to day activities seem overwhelming. I can empathize with the “zombie” comment you made. I know from personal experience how frustrating completing any task can be when you are so tired. Remember to be kind to yourself when the fatigue is coming on. Remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can and even reward yourself for the smallest of accomplishments. When I finally accomplish something, I love to reward myself with baked goods because they put a smile on my face. Is there anything you can reward yourself with?

    Your pain is real and I am sorry that you’ve dealt with medical professionals who were dismissive. I am familiar with being ignored by doctors when it comes to pain. When this happens we tend to question ourselves - Am I being silly? Am I overreacting? The truth is, you are the expert of your own body when walking into a doctor’s appointment. You deserve to be heard. Whatever decision you make, whether it be with a new doctor or an endometriosis specialist, continue to advocate for yourself because you matter.

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