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Pain during flight

[miscarriage triggerwarning]


This year I was diagnosed with peritoneal endometriosis due to an ectopic pregnancy. Since then I have felt like they did not find all of my endometriosis.

I recently went on a flight, and when they started to lower to prepare for landing, i got excruciating pains on my lower right side. I was doing breathing exercises (like I was in labour) and digged my nails into my leg for counterpain. I think if it had lasted longer I would have cried for an ambulance.

That lower right side also hurts on my period and I have had shooting pains every then and now (esp luteal phase) for 5 years now. I also have heavy legs and what I think sciatic pain.

I am going to fly soon again but I am super anxious. I had a gyn appointment recently but they couldn't see anything on the echo. My question is now: should I go to the gp? And should I request an MRI or CT?

  1. Hey ! Oh my goodness, that sounds awful! I can tell just by your description how much pain you were in. It would be awful to have to go through that again on another flight. I think getting a second opinion from another gyn or your gp wouldn't hurt. It's great that you're aware of when the pain comes and goes relative to your cycle because the more detailed information you can give to your doctor, the better! I hope you get some answers soon! Please keep us updated if you do go to the doctor. We'd love to hear what they say. Sending comforting thoughts - Kat ( team)

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