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Looking for good surgery stories / outcomes

I'm one week from my excision surgery and I'm pretty nervous. I've heard a lot of stories about complications and issues, but is there anyone out there with good ones? I'm having two large fibroids, 2 cysts on each ovary, and one abnormal fallopian tube, all removed in addition to the excision.

I've been living with pretty bad pain and mobility issues on and off for about 5 years and am at the place where I feel like, for the most part, I am managing pretty good right now. It feels wild to be heading into surgery in a low symptom/pain time but my surgeon [who I LOVE and trust] feels very confident that it is the right time.

It has been feeling like things are improving but my MRI showed otherwise and they tell me it is stage 4. I am mostly having flares around ovulation and cycle but am still needing a mobility aid for SI-joint and leg issues at times. I am also living a fairly restricted so I am hopeful that the other side will open up a world where I can do more.

Thanks in advance for any and all stories <3
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  1. heyy dear warrior! Glad you reached out. I know it can be SO scary heading into surgery. You are absolutely not alone here. I am so sorry the MRI seems to show things worsening. It is good that you are managing for the most part right now- kudos to you for that. I know it isn't easy, especially with all of that going on inside you! I have had 5 surgeries, going on my 6th this month. And I am scared before every single one of them. It is a common feeling. Of course there are always those chances of complications or something more intense going on that they find/have to do. I think it is always important to be prepared for that. But at the same time, you love and trust your surgeon, so just remember you are in such good hands. For me, I had cysts, fibroids, endo, adhesions, my appendix, hernias, polyps all removed - of course not all at once - this was stuff throughout all 5 surgeries I have had. And this next surgery this month, they will be removing both fallopian tubes. Minus the usual after surgery soreness for a while, all of them went well. I have found small relief from each one. But am hopeful that getting these damaged tubes out will help tremendously. But my experience all in all has been a good one with each surgery. And I have a lot of faith, yours will be a good one too. Are there any questions in particular that will help you find some comfort? Or anything in particular you want to chat about that will make you feel some comfort? We are here. And if you want to chat on Instagram, just let me know <3 Here for you. And sending big hugs and all the positive vibes your way. -Kimberli (advocate)

    1. thank you so much!!

    2. you are very welcome! xox

  2. Hi! So happy you posted! I just had my 14th surgery last week Monday and going into a surgical procedure tomorrow (Friday 06/02) and honestly it never gets any easier so you're not alone in being nervous or scared or having doubts. Of course there's always a chance of complications with every surgery but I also know how much pain our bodies are in and what other choice do we have but to keep moving forward? It's hard. It's soooo hard and terrifying and overwhelming.... but we keep fighting 💛 This entire community is here for you!

    1. 14, my goodness. I just had my 6th last week <3 How is recovery going warrior? I hope this one will help bring you some relief. Sending hugs and positive recovery thoughts your way. -Kimberli

    2. How is your recovery going and how are you healing and feeling?

  3. Thanks for reaching out here! My fourth surgery, which was my most recent, was quite successful. I had a lot of gains afterward, including recovering my mobility. I also have stage 4, so although that is the highest level on the scale, it is possible to find relief. I wish you so much luck! ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. you did well by reaching out, I can see that several of us have shared their stories. Mine was succesful. I am not cured of this disease, and still manage flare-ups as they come, but my last surgery gave me a lot of my life back, and took so much pain away. My recovery went OK, although I was lucky I could rest a lot. My doctor told me it would take up to 6 months for my body to heal (scar etc) so I knew that it would be a while since I would feel "normal". With that in mind, I took it mega easy. A year later I was able to travel solo, I also ran a marathon 18 months later. So, in my case it did wonders for my mobility. I am sending you ALL of the positive vibes. Please keep us posted - Jessa F (moderator)

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