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I’d really like to understand you more!

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a wellness service that caters for people with chronic pain or illness, and I’m especially keen on supporting those with endometriosis because I’ve been living with it myself for six years now.

I’d like to be able to cater my offer as much as possible so I can help more people. Please could you fill in this quick survey so I can better create services that are needed, and wanted:

I’ll be offering different options to help reduce and manage pain + symptoms brought on my conditions such as endo: movement plans, nutritional support, anxiety and mental health counselling, and general wellness tips/services/collaborations.

I’m health management certified by the way, and a Pilates + Yoga teacher with nutritional qualifications 😀

The survey would take about ten minutes and it’d mean so much to me if you could answer the questions.

Thank you so, so, much,

Jess xo

  1. Hi there ! Thank you for sharing this. Sounds like an awesome service. I will take a look at the survey! Hope you are doing well! -Kimberli Team Member)

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