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Hot water bottles

Hi, I’m suffering daily with pelvic pain, on lots of various pain killers, and awaiting a full hysterectomy. Do hot water bottles work to ease the pain please? Many thanks
Anna x

  1. firstly, so sorry to hear of all the pain you are in 🥺 How are you feeling about your hysterectomy coming up? Hoping you are able to find some relief from it. Everyone is different but I find a heating pad and switching back and forth with an ice pack- to be helpful with my pain! I also have found a weighted blanket, TENS unit and CBD to be helpful as well. Sending you hugs and all the good thoughts I possibly can! Please reach out to us if you need to chat or have any questions. Here for you always 🖤-Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. I'm so sorry to hear you're dealing with daily pain. Like Kimberli said, everyone is different, but some people do find that hot water — either in a bottle, heating pad, or bath — can ease pain. Personally, I feel more pain when I'm cold. There's some science behind why that is, but I do have fewer aches when I'm warm! I'm sending you well wishes for your upcoming hysterectomy. I hope you find some relief! - Keri (team member)

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