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Frozen pelvis

I was operated in 2 and a half years ago to remove a 12cm ovarian cyst. When they operated they discovered stage 4 endometriosis. Fast forward to now I have been in a lot of pain over the months and it has been discovered I have another ovarian cyst. During a consultation last week I was told that I have a frozen pelvis and should have been told this when I had the original operation. I am now on the waiting list for an MRI scan and a referral to an endometriosis team over 100 miles from where I stay to see about a hysterectomy and assessment on how attached all my other organs are. I have been told the waiting list is extremely long due to the pandemic. I was just wondering if anyone has gone through this type of operation and was it a successful outcome. Thanks

  1. Hi , I'm so glad you have stopped by our community to share your story. It sounds like you have a lot going on, but you've already taken the major step of getting on the referral list. With complicated endometriosis like yours, I think it's great that you will be seeing a specialist--worth traveling for that expertise.
    Hysterectomy can be a big decision to make. Here's an article that summarizes the experiences of people in this community--TL;DR: it's different for everyone.
    The specialist will be able to give you a better idea of options and how things might go for you. Then they can help you make a plan that makes the most sense for your particular situation.
    Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you. Sending best wishes to you! -Audrey ( team)

    1. Thank you so much I will go and have a read of the article and will definitely keep on in touch!

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