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Experiencing tons of guilt because I have endometriosis

I was officially diagnosed with endo in October 21’ but was in tons of pain almost 2-3 years prior to my diagnosis and even then when I was just convinced my periods were bad. I constantly felt guilty sharing with others that I was in pain to the point that I internalized their reactions and felt like a burden. And now that I am diagnosed and finally getting some answers I feel it tenfold. Is there any way to cope with this? I’m already exhausted by what’s happening to my body but now I’m mentally exhausted by the negativity I feel.

  1. Oh Olivia, your words and feeling of guilt, are so relatable. I think all of us here experience it or have experienced it. And you are right, it is exhausting feeling this way. I think what has helped me a lot is this community. Knowing that I am not alone, talking with others who are dealing with this and actually in a sense being proud that I did indeed get a diagnosis, after years of someone telling me it was all in my head. The best thing to do and of course hardest thing, is to give yourself grace and be gentle with yourself. It isn't your fault you have endometriosis, and you are certainly not a burden. I found talking with a therapist helped me a lot too (but it did take me a few to find one that was truly caring and understanding). I know this sounds silly, but really practicing gratitude and affirmations in the morning has helped too. Just trying to change my mindset of feeling negatively. I am going to attach some articles you may find helpful as well - And just know, you can reach out to us ANY time you need to chat. We are here for you always. Sending you big warrior hugs <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    1. As Kimberli said, I think many of us know this so well. Especially because it's an invisible illness and no one experiences our pain like we do. Having community, like the one here, has helped me, and so has connecting with others in Twitter and Instagram, even people with other chronic illnesses and chronic pain beyond endo. And therapy has been a lifesaver for me. Is that an option for you or something you've explored? My therapist has helped me work through feeling like a burden many times, and has reassured me that I am not, in fact, a burden. And neither are you. I second Kimberli...please reach out any time. ~Katrina, Advocate

      1. Hi , I'm so sorry that you are struggling with this feeling of being a burden. It can be really hurtful when people you look to for support don't understand what you're dealing with. Your pain is real, and you are doing your best to get answers and advice about how to manage. You are not a burden! You have been brave to share your story with your friends and with us here; it's not easy to admit that you are not feeling great. You are dealing with hard things, and you deserve all the support! This community is here for you. As and said, you are not alone in this. Sending best wishes your way! -Audrey ( team)

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