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Difficulty breathing

Does anyone else notice difficulty breathing/shortness of breath in the first couple of days of their period? I’m not sure if this is normal or endo related and whether I should push my
Specialist to get it investigated further. Recently diagnosed via laparoscopy.

  1. Hello , yes I think it’s worth mentioning that to your doctor. I get shortness of breath some times, but in my case, it was due to an increase of my anxiety levels. I had tests to determine it was that and nothing more troubling.

    Shortness of breath was brought up by one of our advocates who wrote about her journey when getting diagnosed for thoracic endometriosis. I’m in no way saying you should worry you have this, I just think it is an interesting read. In her case her shortness of breath was regular and quite severe.

    I do think that it is worth mentioning your current issues to your doctor, especially if you have information on when it happens, and under what circumstances. Do keep us posted on how you get on.

    Sending hugs, - Jessie (team member)

    1. - thanks so much for passing on the article. Mine is not severe at this stage, so as you say could also be down to anxiety levels. But I will be sure to bring it up with my specialist just to be sure. Thanks!! xx

  2. Keep us posted on how you're feeling and how it goes with your specialist. That was a really good question to ask! We're always here for you!! 💛 Kayleigh, (Team Member)

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