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Desperate for some advice

I have been having irregular periods for 8 years before this my periods were very regular and heavy. I have been going back and forth to the doctors for 7 years now as I have been having either no periods for months or extremely heavy ones that are lasting months. I have currently been bleeding for 6 month but the last 2 weeks it’s been extremely heavy, I’m passing huge clots and changing pads every 1 hr to 30 mins.
I have had a pelvis scan and internal scan and it’s all came back normal also my bloods have came back normal.
I’m finally being referred to a gynaecologist after years of back and forth to the drs.
I was wondering if anyone else had experience anything like this ?

Reading the symptoms of endometriosis I feel like I have most of them-

Extreme pain during bleeding in my stomach, lower back legs and breasts.

Irregular periods/ bleeding

Extreme fatigue and shortness of breath

This is really affecting my mental state especially when all test keep coming back as normal

Would really appreciate any advice

  1. So sorry you’re suffering! Are you in perimenopause? My periods became less regular and heavier and longer in my 40s. I got the Mirena IUD to help solve the problem. It stopped my periods thankfully. (It doesn’t work the same for everyone. Go figure.)
    I know frustration of tests being normal!! For this reason I don’t have a diagnosis yet. Begged doctors for laparoscopic surgery. They act like I’m a nut. I fired them. I sound confident when I say things like that. But I’ve lost a lot of confidence dealing with this. I hope you can keep believing in yourself!

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