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Debilitating pain & now none! Is this normal?

I've had endo since I was mid 20s & it has come & went. I'm 44 now & luckily the pain hasn't come back for bout 1 year now. Is it normal for it to be debilitating one min & then no pain the next?


  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out & for your question! We are not healthcare professionals & cannot provide you with medical advice...only speak to our personal experiences. That being said, I can share (again from my personal experience) that I too have had extend long periods of time being essentially almost pain free. I can however attribute mine to my IUD. I was nearly symptom free for 3 years when I first got the IUD, but over the past few years unfortunately symptoms have once again returned...not as intense thankfully.

    Fingers crossed you continue to be pain free! I wonder if it may be related to a change in hormones? Will you do us a favor & keep us posted?

    1. Hi ! Like Joanna said above, we cannot give medical advice but I can definitely share my own experience. There are certainly times where symptoms are more debilitating than others. I notice when I am very stressed or my diet is all messed up, my symptoms come back. I know right after any treatments, like surgery, I feel really good for a while. So to me personally, that is pretty normal to be fine one minute and not the next. Have you done anything differently treatment wise? Maybe something you are doing or taking is really helping. Fingers crossed it does stay this way! Certainly keep us posted 😀 -Kimberli (team member)

      1. Hi . I had a long period where I stayed asymptomatic for twenty years. During that time I did take hormones to help with child bearing (I have two beautiful daughters that are adults now), completely changed my diet, tried different birth control methods and exercise to keep my endo at bay. During this time I did experience some very painful ovulations, but nothing that sent me to the hospital. Stay positive and consult your Ob/Gyn on any changes. Best wishes.

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