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Chocolate cysts and trying to conceive

I am just wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant whilst having endometriomas (chocolate cysts). We have been trying to conceive since March and nothing has happened. I had a scan which confirmed multiple chocolate cysts on both ovaries. The largest are 2.5cm so not very large, but still I am worried. Has anyone got pregnant with endo cysts on both ovaries?

I am 30 and had a laparoscopy last June. I had stage 3 endo, and after surgery I was told it was back to stage one(too risky to remove from my bladder and bowel)

  1. If you have chocolate cysts present, you actually have stage 4 Endo (like me). And, the stage does not lessen due to the removal of the cysts. My left ovary was saturated in them. And then...this is gonna sound ridiculous... I got pregnant without trying while also on depo provera. And once more after that. These days, since nothing else exists for relief for women like us...I have gone the herbal/natural route. There are some fascinating herbs out there that could help y'all conceive. And, don't shoulder this burden all yourself. Have your partner boost their potency. Have them take fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, etc to boost sperm count and production. Can't hurt, right? I wish you such good fortune, and luck! I'm so sorry we have this asshole of a disease. It really isn't fair.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!

      I'm not sure what is going on. Could it possibly have gone from stage 1 to 4 in the space of less than a year after surgery? My periods are still better than they were before the surgery. At the moment anyway.

      I am so glad to hear you conceived with stage 4,with cysts and on contraception. That must of been some shock ! Thank you for sharing. That gives me some hope! I get acupuncture and take herbs from my TCM doctor, but I haven't seen her since I got the news of the cysts last week so she may reccomend other herbs now. My partner is going to get his swimmers checked too, as you said every little helps ! I am praying I conceive a healthy baby soon. I just cannot wait to get this gynecologist appointment to have some answers.

      If a man had this disease you can bet there would be better treatment or even a cure ! Period is due Saturday. Please god it doesn't come and I get a BFP even though I'm feeling pretty negative about it.

    2. , cysts in general sure are so hard to deal with. So sorry you are dealing with them 🙁 I cannot medically tell you about the stage of your endometriosis, but it is always possible that endo and even cysts can grow back and worsen. Have you thought about seeing an endometriosis specialist? Possibly even a fertility specialist? They may be more helpful than a GYNO. I do hope you are able to get some answers at your next appointment. Please do not give up hope <3 And do know, we are always here for you. So reach out anytime you need to talk. And certainly keep us posted on how things are going. Sending big hugs and good thoughts! -Kimberli (Team Member)

  2. I hope you get everything you want with as few headaches as possible. Since endometriosis is as weird as it is and unpredictable and different for every woman, the presence of the chocolate cysts puts you at a stage 4 for the rest of your life. I had mine punctured and drained surgically, you might want to look into that.

    And, you are absolutely right. Since a uterus and ovaries is homologous to a dick and balls....if men had to face the lesions and the problems that we have on those parts of their bodies, you can guarantee there would have been a cure years ago!

    I'm here. Anytime.

    1. , just wanted to thank you for being a part of this community and for being there for our members. Hope you are doing well and have a great week ahead! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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