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Complimentary or Alternative Treatments

  • By Pam Kingsland Keymaster

    Has anyone tried any Complimentary or Alternative Coping Strategies to help manage your Endometriosis symptoms? What did you try? What was your outcome? Did it work?

  • By Jessie Madrigal Moderator

    I’ve used acupuncture for the shooting pains I get on my legs, and it has helped a lot. It hasn’t done much for abdominal pain, though.
    For the migraines I get before and during my period, CBD oil has worked really well. – Jessie (team member)

  • By Sophiemol

    I just started meditation through an iphone app. There are a lot of them to pick from. Well it’s actually more than that – it’s also an app that specializes in helping you reduce your chronic pain levels by “reprogramming” how your brain perceives it. I thought it was pretty hokey until I actually got it (it does cost$). There are lots of writing exercises and educational talks you can listen to. I figure I’ve tried everything else why not?

    • By Fela M’tima Dunfee Moderator

      Hey Sophie, I’ve also tried a few meditation apps like that but I’ve noticed they end up costing money! But I agree, why not try them anyway. Have you tried Headspace? I think that one was one of my favorites! Hope you’re feeling well today! 🙂 -Fela (Team Member)