Pain at Such an Early Age

Last updated: March 2020

My problems with endometriosis started practically at the onset of my menses. I recall early on in my teen years having serious issues with my menstrual cycle. I had reoccurring yeast infections, severe cramps, frequent menstrual cycles that lasted 4-7 days and very close in time, 20-28 days apart. I missed days at school because of the pain when I was 13 years old. I suffered with many unexplained symptoms for 7 years before the term endometriosis was ever mentioned by a doctor. While I was still in Jr. High School I had a doctor tell me the pain was psychological and if it persisted with the complaints, I could see a psychiatrist. Shortly thereafter I was put on birth control pills for pain and regulating my cycle. For the next 7 years I battled cramps, heavy bleeding, bloating, repeated yeast infections, and mental anguish for not knowing what was wrong. I almost lost my job when I was in college because of my attendance.

I finally received some relief after I had taken a Women's Studies class that talked about endometriosis. I shared the information with a ob/gyn and when I was 22 I had my first Laparoscopy. They found both ovaries behind my uterus. They were able to flip one, but the other one was stuck to the back of my uterus. Several years later the pain once again intensified and I had my second surgery. This time The doctors had to scrape and clean my abdomen of lesions and polyps. I was then placed on Danocrine for six months. After my second Laparoscopy, they gave me a 13% chance of natural conception. My faith did not believe in those chances and years after my surgery I had two beautiful daughters.

I didn't have any problems after the birth of my youngest daughter until 18 years later. I started having irregular pap smear results. This year I started having agonizing pain from the damaged ovary that felt like ovulation he??. I would double over in pain. This pain has been a regular occurrence and the bloating is back. I have had sonograms, ultrasounds, a colonoscopy and next week I am scheduled for my third Laparoscopy.

If it wasn't for organizations like this one, I feel that I would still live in the world of not knowing what is going on. I have suffered from this condition for 45 years. A textbook and women that cared enough to share their stories helped me and hopefully will help others. Ask questions and be persistent. We know our bodies better than anyone and we must ask questions until we get answers that help us find answers.

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