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Last updated: March 2021


Researchers from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences are interested in learning about the non-pharmacological self-care strategies that women with endometriosis use to help manage their chronic pain symptoms. Non-pharmacological self-care refers to techniques or treatments to help reduce pain or manage other symptoms that you wouldn't normally need a prescription or go to a pharmacist for, and that you would generally either do yourself or could have a friend or family member help you with. Common examples of this would be exercise, yoga postures, breathing or meditation, changing your diet, or using heat packs. Less common techniques might be using alcohol or cannabis.

This survey involves questions about chronic pain related to endometriosis, how the pain affects your quality of life, self-care actions you may take to control the pain, and how well they work. We will also ask demographic questions to help us understand how other life factors may affect pain and quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in this survey, you need to:
- Be currently living in the United States of America
- Be 18 to 45 years of age
- Have endometriosis

What participation involves

Participation in the study will involve completing an online survey that will take 10-20 minutes. However, this time will vary depending on how you answer the "free response" questions. You will be required to complete the survey in one sitting as we do not collect your IP or use cookies, to protect your privacy.

Why is this research beneficial?

There is no financial compensation, but participants may find the process of completing this survey to be therapeutic and to validate your experiences of your chronic condition. Research in self-care interventions is lacking, so by participating in this survey, you will support knowledge growth for this subject.

The study has been IRB approved and is US-based.

The survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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