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Questions about laparoscopy

I’ve been having extremely painful periods since high school, 6 years now. Back in May of 2019 I was diagnosed with PCOS. After more research I discovered PCOS does not typically cause drop to your knees and try not to pass out, radiating pain. I went back last Thursday, February 2020, and saw my NP, she confirmed my findings on PCOS. She did a pelvic exam and didn’t feel any thickening, my period ended a week before. She scheduled me for another Ultrasound, and mentioned that I may be sent to an endo specialist in my area to have a laparoscopy.

I guess my first question would be even if they don’t see anything on the ultrasound related to endo will I still be sent out for the laparoscopy? My next would be how long would I have to take off work for the laparoscopy? I work in a dog kennel, I’m on my feet 9-10 hours a day walking/being dragged about 6-7 miles a day. It’s physically exhausting. I have a feeling I’ll be sent in for the laparoscopy, but part of me is absolutely terrified. I know these questions are on a case-by-case basis, so I understand getting nonspecific responses. Personal experiences are extremely welcomed.

Community Answers
  • RebeccaB moderator
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Avicc – Everyone is different and has a different experience, but I can share mine with you. From my understanding, a doctor actually is NOT likely to see anything on ultrasound. Mine was not and I was sent for a lap which revelead stage II lesions. For me, it took about a week to recover (at the time I was a trial attorney, in court on my feet all day). The first few days were roughest – I had a lot of bleeding that was a little scary. But I was back on my feet at work full time by the end of the week. I recommend that you bring a pillow with you so that when you ride home, you can put the pillow between your abdomen and the seat belt so it doesn’t irritate the lap incisions. Since they do insert gas into your abdoment, you’ll have a LOT of bloating (I couldn’t see my belly button for a few days!). I suppose it could be different depending on how many lesions/how severe the endo is. Hope this helps!

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