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Laparoscopy and Fertility

I have very severe endo. I’m 28 and have had 2 laparoscopies over the years to remove growths. I’ve been on birth control since not long after my periods started, to control heavy bleeding and pain (even before the diagnosis of endometriosis). I also had a LEEP to remove pre-cancerous cells on my cervix a few years back. Birth control isn’t cutting it anymore in terms of endometriosis control.

I’m past the point of diminishing returns. I just tried Orilissa and had debilitating side effects and I cannot use it for treatment. Each time I had a laparoscopy, and when I had the LEEP, I was told how each procedure could impact my ability to conceive and carry a child to term. Anybody know the extent of this?

Right now I’m looking at a 3rd laparoscopy as my only real treatment option. Not even sure if there’s anything worth saving at this point. I’ve been heavily considering asking about a hysterectomy instead – my fiance and I both feel strongly about adoption and it’s more the fear of “what-if” that’s keeping me from it at this point. But if anyone has any data on HOW harmful laparoscopies are to your fertility (in addition to the endo itself, of course) that would really help me assess my choices at this point.

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