How do you cope on the tough days?

Some days with Endo are okay and some are awful. Does anyone have advice on getting through the awful days??

Community Answers
  • Sophiemol
    5 months ago

    Honestly, just repeatedly telling myself that it (when the pain is excruciating) won’t last forever helps me. It’s almost like I have to really focus on the temporary nature – that today may be the worst it’s ever been, but reminding myself that not every single day is like this.
    Other than that, I lie in bed all day and try to sleep as much as possible.

  • Pam Kingsland moderator author
    5 months ago

    This is great advice, @sophiemol. I love the tip to remind yourself that it won’t last forever and to really focus on the temporary nature. Thank you for sharing!! – Pam (team member)

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