Some Tips & Tricks for Endometriosis Pain

Throughout the many years of having endometriosis, I have had to pick up some tips and tricks to manage or deal with the pain. I needed options that did not involve constant pain medication. This, unfortunately, was a result of some doctors not believing I had endometriosis for such a long time, and then eventually realizing I could not stay on narcotics for the rest of my life.

My realization: HEAT

I realized that heat was a friend when it came to managing the pain associated with endometriosis.

My heating pad

We had a microwave heating pad that someone gave my mom as a gag gift for an (early) over-the-hill style birthday present. That heating pad became my best friend for the longest time. Obviously, eventually there came the electric heating pads that you plugged into the wall outlets in various sizes. Additionally, those microwave heating pads became available with aromatherapy scents. Now, those aromatherapy heating pads come in cute animal shapes! We saw them a few months ago at Marshalls.

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Hot teas and soups

I also found how much a cup of hot tea could help with the pain. I started with regular, black Lipton tea. Although after a while of drinking some much hot tea, I started trying the various flavored and herbal teas that are available at the grocery store in the tea and coffee section. The herbal teas have various benefits among them and also have limited or no caffeine in them. Too much caffeine can be bothersome for some individuals, so the herbal option can be helpful for some individuals. Other warm liquids can be helpful as well, such as warm soups.

A hot bath

Another source of heat that can be helpful for those in pain is a warm or hot bath. Again, this is something that is very customizable. If regular water seems boring, there are so many options these days. There are traditional bubbles, Epsom salts, and even the newer bath bombs. While Epsom salts may not seem like the funniest option, they do come in a variety of scents now and they are meant to help relax muscles and aches.

Knowing your limits

It is always important to know your limits. So many of us feel so obligated to push through our pain in order to get things done or to make others happy. We have to know when it is time to call it and take the time to rest. While we rest, we also need to make sure to stay hydrated, in order to not create any other issues. It is important to pay attention to your pain levels and make sure you recognize a higher than normal pain episode. This is extremely important because if you are experiencing higher than “normal” pain, it could indicate that you need to see your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Hopefully, this was able to give you some idea on things that can help with the pain that comes with endometriosis. If you have any other tips or tricks, please share with us below!

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