This Tea May Reduce Your Cramps

There’s something soothing about a warm cup of tea when you don’t feel well. And if you’re listening to the home remedies passed down from generation to generation, red raspberry leaf tea may do more than comfort your soul- It may help to reduce menstrual cramps.

Science is having a hard time proving the connection, but if I’m in pain, I’m willing to give grandma’s advice a try. I have nothing to lose other than the cost of a cup of tea. The tea is derived from the raspberry plant, which as we know from the berries, are loaded with antioxidants. Those properties are carried over in the tea as well.

Anytime I’m sipping on a cup of tea, I like to mix in a scoop of collagen protein as an added health bonus. Of course, if you’re using food as medicine, you need to be consistent with the intake for consistent results. Try enjoying one to two cups a day.

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