3 Endo-Friendly Snacks to Try

Jessica has endometriosis and is an endometriosis health coach, and Chris is her partner. Here they outline some of the snacks they eat throughout the day, and why they are beneficial:

Overnight oats

From Chris: Overnight oats are a delicious snack we might eat mid-morning or mid-afternoon when we’re a bit peckish between meals. We use steel-cut oats as they release glucose slower, leading to a more sustained release of energy. Just soak these oats overnight in nut milk, add a tablespoon or two of chia seeds in the morning and a couple of hours later they’re ready to go. We also add fat and protein, such as nuts, seeds, nut butters, and yogurt. You can top these oats with berries, such as strawberries or blueberries.

From Jess: Oats have had a bit of a bad rap lately as they can trigger blood sugar spikes, and I definitely experience that with rolled oats that have softened on the hob. But opting for steel cut oats preserves more of the fibre and so the oats are chewier and take longer to break down in the gut, meaning the carbohydrates from the oats are converted to glucose over a longer period of time.

A way to look out for blood sugar imbalance? You’re hungry an hour after eating despite it being a big meal, your energy is crashing after food, you’re getting mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy dips and you get hangry.

A good way to make oats more hormone friendly, both because they have hormone supportive nutrients and because the fat and protein slow down the release of glucose, is to add nuts and seeds as Chris mentioned. Topping this off with berries also provides extra anti-oxidants, which lower inflammation.

Nut butter and berries on toast

From Chris: This is another delicious pick-me-up. Top your favorite kind of toast (gluten-free for Jess, white sourdough for me) with nut butter, then crush raspberries, blackberries or blueberries on top of that. We drizzle with inulin syrup (as it’s practically sugar free) and a sprinkle of hemp seeds and cinnamon.

Another go-to is avocado on toast with broccoli sprouts, rocket and maybe an egg or two! This is a good option when we’ve already eaten a lot of nut butter that day.

From Jess: I don’t like to demonize foods, but it’s worth saying here that some of us with endo can find gluten to be a trigger and some research has shown that removing gluten for a period of time can reduce symptoms.1 Having said that, if you feel good on gluten – great! Just make sure it’s from quality sources and you’re not also consuming additives and unnecessary ingredients like flour treatment agent.

I like to eat gluten-free bread that’s not going to spike my blood sugar, so I opt for ones that are seeded and made with whole grains, or ones that are a bit more ketogenic.

Hot cacao

From Chris: Hot chocolate’s healthier older brother. We like to mix raw cacao powder with a plant-based milk for a delicious and decadent mood boost. If this is a little watery, we often blend in nut butter or coconut butter to thicken and add fats. We also like to add adaptogens like lion’s mane mushroom extract or ashwagandha powder, for extra stress-busting cognitive benefits.

From Jess: I’m a big fan of nutrient dense lattes – I don’t mean something watery and caffeine filled that gives you a temporary buzz then leaves you worse off than you were before, but something that’s going to sustain you.

I find the adaptogens like lion’s mane and cordyceps great for people struggling with fatigue and brain fog, whereas ashwagandha tends to be better suited to someone struggling with anxiety or sleep issues.

The fat and protein helps to make the latte more satiating and hormone supportive, and you can also use a little oat milk or blend with a ½ a tablespoon or tablespoon of oats for some healthy carbohydrates!

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