How to Select and Store the Best Avocados

Avocados are a great source of magnesium, which is a nutrient that can help reduce period pain. (Hooray! Another great reason to enjoy the yummy fruit – yup, avocado is a fruit.)

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So, how exactly do you select the best avocado, and store it once it’s in your kitchen?

Color is key! Select avocados that are darker in color.Give it a squeeze. The avocado should have a little give to it. Use the Goldie locks rule... not too firm, not too soft, you want it just right!Store it well. If it needs to ripen, leave it out on the counter. If you want to stop the ripening process, store it in the fridge.Don’t ditch the pit. When you’re ready to cut the avocado, if you’re not using it all at once, keep the pit intact. It will help to prevent the avocado from discoloring.

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