Healing Behind Closed Doors

I was at a breastfeeding support group when we were talking about the isolation and loneliness that you can experience in the early days of motherhood.

When it was my turn to share, I spoke about those first weeks home from the hospital. In between nursing, diaper changes, and caring for my newborn baby, I would dash off to the bathroom trying to care for my body after delivery.

It felt like the forgotten part of recovery. And it felt like I only had seconds in the bathroom before the baby needed me again.

It was a rather lonely, and quiet anxiety-provoking, time.

The loneliness felt similar to the loneliness we can experience living with endometriosis. Because of its personal nature, it’s not really a condition that is openly talked about.

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Yet we can find ourselves behind the closed door of the bathroom having to care for our bodies.

So, whether you can identify the scene of postpartum recovery or endometriosis life or both, let’s take this opportunity to open the conversation about healing behind closed doors, shall we?

Take the time to heal

First, we need to recognize that we need to take this time to care for our bodies. Changing pads, applying cream, and taking medication, it’s all part of our healing.

Without it, our health is compromised and if we’re not caring for ourselves then we can’t care for others.

Set up stations for easy access to things

One of the things that helped me so much over the years is having health stations set up in my home.

A health station is an area in the home that includes all the things I need to carry out my health-supportive habits in that room. For example, I have a smoothie station in my kitchen, a supplement station at my breakfast table, an essential oil station in my bedroom, etc.

The bathroom is no exception. I set up a station of pads, pantyliners, medication, towelettes, and creams. This made my time easier and more efficient.

Allow yourself to indulge in some self-care

It’s okay to pamper yourself a little too. I mean it’s okay to pamper yourself a lot but if you aren’t taking the time to do that currently, start by giving yourself permission to start with a baby step.

Maybe you treat yourself to a new hand or body lotion that you apply each time you’re done in the bathroom. Maybe you place an essential oil diffuser in the bathroom that creates a little more of a spa aroma when you walk into the room.

There are a lot of possibilities and options. Find what is most meaningful to you.

Connection with others is key

Remember that while you are alone in the bathroom, you are not alone in this experience. Connect with others in a healing community, like this one, for emotional support.

It’s so helpful to have conversations with women who get it. It’s a place to feel seen, heard, and understood. That in and of itself is incredibly healing.

Let’s keep the conversation going below. Share your experience and tips below!

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