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7 Budget-Friendly Self Care Activities

We know that the days living with endometriosis can be challenging. Some days we’re in pain that feels inescapable. Other days we’re running around to doctor’s appointments and tests. We also know that stress is not good for our health. So, we need to have time in our day or week that’s soothing and nourishing to our physical, mental and emotional health. It’s time to replenish.

It’s easy to put self care off because we think it requires an expensive day at the spa or a girl’s weekend getaway. Thankfully, there are a lot of options for us to do right at home and are relatively inexpensive – many of them even free!

Facial mask

Whether you choose a DIY mask with some honey and yogurt or buy one, doesn’t matter. Allow yourself some time to get a deeper clean or exfoliation of your skin. Top it off with a good moisturizer and you’ll be glowing for days.

Upgrade your sheets

If you can work it into your budget, treat yourself to a new set of bedsheets. One of my favorite moments of the day is snuggling into bed and night and being fully aware of how comfortable my body feels in bed.

Mani and pedi

Pick up a fresh bottle of nail polish and add some color to your life. I don’t paint my nails often, but I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy seeing them done. Is there a color you’ve always wanted to try but worried you couldn’t pull it off? Go for it!

Level up make up and hair

Watch a YouTube video tutorial of a new makeup or hair technique that you’ve admired and want to try out. (I’m always admiring creative braids!) Thankfully, there are so many fashion influencers who share their tips and tricks the possibilities of what you can learn are endless.

Go offline

Social media can be fun and entertaining, but it also feels really good to put your phone on silent mode or do not disturb. It’ll likely feel uncomfortable at first but give it some time and you’ll be setting down your phone and forgetting to pick it back up.

Dive into a good book

Has it been a while since you’ve read a good book? The library and amazon have endless options. You can also hop on Good Reads for a recommendation based on your interest. Either way, give your Netflix queue rest and allow your mind to wonder into a good novel.

Create a new playlist and dance

What songs puts you in a good mood? Add them up onto a playlist and dance like nobody’s watching... because they aren’t. Just allow yourself to get lost in the music. You could even get fancy by having a playlist for days you want a chill relax vibe verses a day you want to dance like Beyonce.

What’s your favorite self care activity at home? Share below so our list of ideas can grow even further! Your idea might just be the one thing your fellow endo-sister needs to hear.

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