How I Manage Endometriosis-Related Leg Pain

Although many people with endometriosis report suffering from leg pain, why this symptom occurs and the mechanisms involved are still not completely understood. We know that this type of discomfort is something many of us have to manage by ourselves.1

Leg pain and endometriosis

Leg pain can vary in location and intensity. For some, it can feel dull, but it is akin to a stabbing, sharp pain in my particular case. It affects the sides of my thighs and goes down toward my knees.

Some days it even spreads to the back of my thighs or calves, and often I feel it on and around my hips.

This type of pain has accompanied me in my endometriosis journey for years. While I haven’t been able to get rid of it completely, I have managed to reduce the intensity of the pain and the frequency of these flare-ups.

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My go-to pain management tools

Weighted blanket

I could write an epic poem about how my weighted blanket brings me relief. It has been the one purchase related to my endometriosis that was worth its price tag, apart from my glorious TENS machine.

Weighted blankets used to be extremely expensive and marketed toward people suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders, and children with autism. They have since become very popular and are now much more affordable.

In my case, the pressure my blanket provides eases my levels of leg pain almost immediately. Its calming properties become very useful when I am worked up due to the pain and struggle to bring myself to a calmed and relaxed state.

A good massage

I don’t know if everyone can tolerate touching their legs when experiencing leg pain, but for me, a good massage can bring relief. Because I can’t afford this treatment whenever I feel leg pain, I invested in some good massage oils, soothing gels, and creams.

I am currently using massage oil with cocoa and almond, which is easy to apply and massage into my skin. I also look out for gels and creams with anti-inflammatory and relaxing ingredients, such as black pepper, ginger, and lavender, which also ease my discomfort.

Oils and massage creams are incredibly soothing in the summer heat when using the weighted blanket is out of the question.

Icing and stretching my legs

These are probably the two pain-management strategies that take me the most effort, but they are very effective. Stretching through yoga and similar practices helps with ongoing pain and work to prevent it.

I just have to remind myself to stretch regularly to keep the pain at bay, which is tricky when dealing with chronic fatigue and low energy levels.

Icing my legs is also a highly effective way to ease any pain. It relaxes my muscle and joints, and when I can bear it for long enough, the numbing effect is very soothing.

Finding out what works is worth it

When it comes to leg pain, these are just some of the strategies that have worked for me when I need some fast, effective relief. I don't take painkillers to manage these flare-ups out of personal choice, but I know I could.

If you’re thinking of trying any of these strategies, I would recommend consulting your doctor or healthcare provider to ensure what is safe in your particular case and check that it doesn't interfere with any other treatments.

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