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3 Ways to Combat Endo Fatigue

Endometriosis fatigue is no secret. We experience it firsthand. Science is even validating it.1 It’s disappointing when we cancel plans or decline opportunities that we’d much rather be saying yes to. But it can feel flat out defeating when you don’t feel like you have the energy to do the normal day-to-day activities. What’s an endo girl to do?

First, we stick together. Plugging into a community like this one here is so helpful to remember that we’re not in this alone. We’re surrounded by other people who understand that we’re not being lazy or dramatic, the fatigue is real. There are also some strategies that we can follow in an effort to give us a little boost of energy.


Doesn’t everything always come back to drinking more water? It’s so simply, but yet I know I still have to make a conscious effort to get my fill. I aim for half my body weight in ounces of water. If I need a little help, some days I’ll add a slice of citrus, cucumbers, or few fresh berries. I’ll even have a cup of occasional herbal tea.

Being properly hydrated supports our body in transporting key nutrients to our cells that will support our energy levels – so, let’s drink up. Cheers!

Time matters

Allowing our body the proper time to rest and recover also supports us in having the energy that we need during the day. And believe it or not, the time you go to sleep matters.

We tend to get better quality of sleep going to bed around 10 pm and waking around 6 am than we do if we’re burning the midnight oil until 1 or 2 am and sleeping well into the morning hours. Consider creating a bedtime routine that will support your body in going to sleep a little earlier. I love diffusing essential oils. And while I don’t love setting down my phone at night, it does help tremendously in improving my quality of sleep. It can be a gradual transition that moves you closer to a 10 pm bedtime, but perhaps you give it a try and see you how feel in your body.

Eat your energy

Let’s chat about the things that are draining our energy – sugary foods! Don’t shoot the messenger, because I had just as big of a sweet tooth as the best of them, but I had to face the facts that it simply was holding me back. It’s true that sugary foods give us a short boost of energy, but it’s inevitably followed by an even greater dip in energy.

Thankfully, the first two steps that we talked about – proper hydration and quality sleep – can help to reduce sugar cravings, so we’re already off to a great start. Next, I try to find healthier sweet options. Dates are always a favorite of mine, especially if they’re rolled in shredded coconut flakes. I also enjoy a bowl of fresh berries topped with some coconut cream. There are also a lot of healthy, baked options that you can make.

The key is to gradually make less room for these high sugar foods that are draining our energy. This gives us the opportunity to get a little boost in energy and ultimately have the energy to do the things we want in our day.

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