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Endometriosis Is NOT Just...

If you're here right now reading this, you have probably been told or heard numerous times that "endometriosis is just (insert something here)."

I can feel your anger because it angers me, too. If you aren't an endometriosis sufferer but are just reading for information, I hope this spreads some knowledge to you so you better understand.

Dismissive statements from other people

So many times, I have been dismissed by others when talking about endo. These are just some of the more common things I have been told.

Endometriosis is just a bad period

Let's start with the one we hear more often than any other, that endometriosis is just a bad period. Do you know how much I wish that were the case?

But here's the thing, endometriosis doesn't just show itself during that time of the month. It also isn't limited to just the uterus and ovaries.

Endometriosis is a full-body disease, meaning it can be found on every single organ of the body. Although some places are still considered rare, it can wreak havoc on your entire body.

It also doesn't just show its ugly face once a month. Endometriosis is wreaking havoc every day for some and most days for others.

Endometriosis is just taking a nap and feeling better

I can tell you right now that if you aren't dealing with endometriosis or any chronic illness, your tiredness is not the same as your tiredness. Where most people can take a nap and feel refreshed or go to bed early and get a solid seven or more hours, those with endometriosis don't get that lucky.

Chronic fatigue is real. And it doesn't matter how much sleep we get. Our body is constantly fighting, and we are constantly tired trying to keep up.

Endometriosis is just a women's disease

While back in the day, it may have seemed endometriosis was exclusively just a women's disease, I am here to remind you that that isn't the case at all. Trans and non-binary people CAN also and DO have endometriosis.

Endometriosis is just painful cramps

Again, I wish this was the case. I would do anything to experience typical period cramping. But in reality, endometriosis feels like someone carving out our insides.

There is no limit as to where we can feel the pain. It is an all-over body disease that makes cramps feel like a walk in the park.

Endometriosis is just taking medicine and feeling better

It might be like this for some people who find relief with certain medications. But for many, the long-term side effects do us more harm than good.

Popping a pain pill when excruciating pain doesn't make me feel better. Many times, it doesn't even touch the pain. News flash: Midol won't just magically cure the pain, either.

Endometriosis is just eating whatever foods you want

This is a misconception by many. Maybe we don't have a deathly allergy to some foods, but that doesn't mean we can still eat them.

Many struggle to understand why I can't eat red meat, dairy, gluten, or sugar. They believe that I am fine just because I won't stop breathing if I were to eat those things.

While yes, it is true that I won't stop breathing, I do still get very sick. While certain foods won't make me break out into hives, they react differently by inflaming my body, causing pain and sometimes nausea and/or vomiting.

So please stop assuming people without legitimate food allergies can eat anything they want.

Endometriosis is just getting pregnant or a hysterectomy to feel better

I will keep this one short because it angers me so much. First, endometriosis has no cure.

There are treatments to help manage, but there is no cure. So getting pregnant or having a hysterectomy is not a cure.

Second, because endometriosis is found on every single organ, you can still have it, even with your uterus and ovaries removed. Third, pregnancy isn't just a simple topic for many dealing with endometriosis.

Many of us can't get pregnant. Or risk being a high-risk dangerous pregnancy. So pushing that as a 'treatment' is very annoying.

Endometriosis is not just all of these things. It is an actual disease. An actual, painful disease. That can be very hard to manage by everyone who suffers from it.

Has someone ever said, "endometriosis is just (insert comment here)" to you before? If so, what have you heard? 

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