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Meet the Advocate Team!

At, we are committed to community. For more than 3 years, we have provided support and information to people living with and affected by endometriosis, while also giving them a place to engage and connect. But we could not do what we do without our amazing advocates, the team that makes this community possible.

If you have ever been curious about the voices between the screen, here is your opportunity to get to know them! Recently, we asked our endo advocates, "What motivates you to be an advocate for" Here is what they had to share.

From Amanda

“Having been a teenager who was unable to be properly diagnosed, I hope to help others understand endometriosis, get treated, and find the support I did not have myself.” Learn more about Amanda.

From Becca

“I wanted to be an advocate for because pain with sex is something that needs to be talked about, and this is a place where those discussions are welcomed and embraced.” Learn more about Becca.

From Kimberli

“I’m an advocate for endometriosis because I don’t want any women to ever feel less than, alone, or unheard.” Learn more about Kimberli.

From Liz

"Beyond my own personal experiences with this beastly body invader, I have witnessed loved ones suffer even more brutal symptoms, as well as watched their dreams deferred and others stolen. Communicating with our Endo Sisters who are our community members is like family around a table – often heartwarming though more times tearfully heartbreaking. I continue to advocate for women's health on our site so it can one day be grandly highlighted and boldly elevated to a place that can really help all affected women with their families, and as well as their healthcare providers!" Learn more about Liz.

From Shireen

“I advocate for endometriosis because I want to see change happening. Research, education, better care, and support is desperately required, and the profile of this little-known illness needs to be raised so those living with endometriosis no longer feel isolated.” Learn more about Shireen.

To read more about all our wonderful team members, visit our Community Advocates Page.

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