Kimberli Davino

Endometriosis Community Advocate Kimberli Davino

Kimberli is a 30 something year old living with her husband and two fur babies by the beach. For as long as she can remember, she has struggled with health issues. The worry of ‘maybe I am just crazy’ crossed her mind numerous times, after leaving doctors’ offices with no answers. It was not until March of 2017 where she received the news “You do indeed have endometriosis”. It angered her that something she researched for so long, trying to get doctors to look at, went unnoticed for years. She wonders how different her life would be, if this was caught earlier.

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Since her surgery, she started a blog, to spread awareness about endometriosis. Her hope- ‘to help other women suffering and to prevent them from going as long as she did without a diagnosis’. Life has been a roller coaster ride since her endometriosis diagnosis, but Kimberli works hard every day to continue to find positivity in life. She explains that being in the endometriosis community has brought so many beautiful, strong women also suffering, into her life from all around the world. Many have become best friends. For a while, Kimberli felt lost not knowing what she wanted to do with her life. The loss of her job put her in a place of depression and confusion. Not knowing what each day would bring, health wise, made it hard to find a full-time job that would accept and be patient with her.

After letting go of a lot of toxicity in her life, Kimberli says some amazing opportunities have opened up for her. She is now a substitute teacher for elementary school. Working with kids and teaching them has always been one of her greatest passions. She also has her own book business selling children’s books. She says promoting reading and literacy is also another passion of hers. She has always been a book worm and feels reading is such an important aspect in children’s lives. All though her health isn’t perfect, and her endometriosis makes most days hard, she is happy where she is in life and hopes to continue to shoot for more positive days than bad. Yoga, changing her diet and spending time by the beach have been some of her go-to’s when she is having a high pain endometriosis day.

As Kimberli says “I am more than this monster inside of me” and she is determined to help other women feel the same. She is excited to be a part of the advocacy for Endometriosis and share her journey and knowledge of this illness with others.

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