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You Are Heard Here

Have you ever experienced not being taken seriously, misunderstood, or even gaslit about your endometriosis?

What was your experience like? How did you react to the situation?

**This is a safe space for those to share their experiences. It is our hope that these stories reach those that need help finding their voice or strengthen the resolve of others to keep fighting.**

  1. I recently went to the ER and I am so sick of hearing “ If you get pregnant it will go away”… the nurse that was taking care of me today said that.. my blood pressure sky rocketed but I kept my composure.. I replied with “how am I suppose to take care of a child when I’m barley living myself”… I wanted to say something else but I prayed and kept my cool..
    I keep feeling like I need to defend my pain. What do people think that women with endometriosis should just go out find a sperm donor get pregnant and it will ALL be ok?? 🤣

    #feelings today
    #be a voice not an echo
    We will be heard❤️❤️


    1. Your comments are absolutely resonating with me today! This is one of the worst things doctors and nurses (or anyone really) can tell us. Getting pregnant is not a treatment and it is sickening they throw that term around like it is! Every single time doctors mention it to me, my blood pressure sky rockets too. So I can absolutely relate. And it's true, what if someone didn't have a significant other in their life to get pregnant or what if, that specific person didn't want children. Or what if they were dealing with infertility. Just so many things and reasons why that should not be an option coming out of doctors mouths to us! UGGH lol. Now I feel my blood pressure rising thinking about it, haha! Sending hugs warrior. -Kimberli (team member)

    2. Thankyou so much for feedback, speaking of blood pressure the nurse in the ER that made this comment to me was taking my blood pressure right after she said that statement and she was wondering why my blood pressure was so high…😂 I am trying to make light of the situation it was not the first time I heard this in North Dakota where I resign

  2. I was diagnosed in 2020, I have no children and I have never had sex. I told my grandmother about my diagnosis and she told me a story about a transitioning transgender woman who was diagnosed and her doctor told her if she has sex with a man her endometriosis will be cured…..Now as horrible as that story is,

    1. wow, we are so sorry 🙁 I am sure that was not easy to have to deal with dear warrior. I think so many of us have been in a similar boat of our loved ones and family members truly not understanding. I have had many friends ( I know that is a little different than family members) , tell me, just get pregnant it helped my symptoms. And I just want to scream. Sex, pregnancy, none of that should be a form of treatment being thrown around like that. Anyways, truly sorry you had to go through all of this. Please know, we are here for you, so reach out anytime you want to talk ok? We definitely can relate. <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    2. Yes, it is very frustrating when they tell you to just do something like that as if it will cure everything. And if it doesn’t you now have a baby to care for and yourself. I was also told by my Primary care doctor to just have a hysterectomy since I am in so much pain but my GYN who performed my cysts removal surgery and has seen how extensive my Endo. is didn’t even recommend a hysterectomy. Anyway, Thank you for your support and sharing a bit of your story with me. Finding this community has made me feel so much better about my condition.

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