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Weird Endometriosis Symptoms

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a "weird" symptom and wondered if it was related to your endo or if others with endometriosis have experienced it too?

Share your "weird" symptom here and see if others have.

  1. I get severe pelvic pain and bloating around ovulation...anyone else?

    1. I'm right there with you with you! The bloating is often because of a surge in estrogen. The pain is a little more difficult to figure out since some people with periods have it and others don't. But here's an article I wrote about ovulation pain in case it's helpful. Wishing you well! - Keri ( team member)

    2. I get these symptoms at the beginning of my period

  2. A rush of pain AFTER emptying bowels

    1. yes, that's actually quite common. Ugh, it can be so painful sometimes. I hope it eases up for you - Jessie (team member)

    2. Thank you! I've read in so many places that pain comes WITH the movement (and occasionally that's true for me - very sharp pains), but most often its afterwards (within 5 minutes) that I get the full-on burning/rushing pain in the hips, lower back and sides of pelvis. Thank you!

  3. Hi everyone, in my case my allergy got worse and I needed to increase the dose of my medications. I also feel frustrated and impatient which is weird and I did not feel the same before I was diagnosed with endo.

    1. Hi , I'm so sorry that your allergies got worse. That's got to be so frustrating to deal with on top of everything endo brings. I also have severe allergies and it's the pits for sure. We actually wrote up an entire article about the connection between endometriosis and allergies. The first paragraph says it all really: "Women with endometriosis are more likely to suffer from a number of autoimmune disorders.1 Allergies are one type of autoimmune condition that is more common in women with endometriosis." I will go ahead and link the article if you'd like to take a look at it: If I may ask, do you find that your allergies flare more or differently when you are experiencing an endo flare or symptom? Lots of love to you Hilda! 💛

  4. I actually made an account just to ask about a weird possible symptom! For the last year, I've been super dry during sex, even when I'm very into it. I'm not on any hormonal birth control but my endo pain has been getting steadily worse over the year.

    I haven't gotten a laproscopic confirmation but have had multiple gynos agree I very likely have endo. Has anyone else ever had this symptom? Could it be related?

    1. Hi , thanks so much for reaching out! I believe I saw that you private messaged us but I wanted to respond here as well. I first want to say that I'm so sorry that your pain has gotten steadily worse over time. That's so upsetting to hear. And the vaginal dryness you are experiencing must be so frustrating both physically and mentally. Vaginal dryness can occur for any number of reasons including but not limited to endometriosis. Have you considered trying a lubricant in those times when you start to feel dryer? Many have found some success by incorporating that into their foreplay. I am going to link a few articles that discuss vaginal dryness and painful sex. I hope that helps RoseS! 💛

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