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Trying to gain weight with Endo

I’ve struggled my entire life with my weight. I have always been very skinny and quite petite however I find myself losing weight but I can’t afford to lose due to losing my appetite from endometriosis. I am in constant pain and eat possibly once a day and occasionally snack. I don’t eat due to the pain forcing me to lose my appetite what can I do to fix this any enhances or medication I can ask my doctor and about?

  1. Hi MissJade, that sounds so difficult to go through. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I would tell you doctor exactly what you said here, that your pain level is so high that you can hardly eat. That's something they absolutely need to know and can hopefully work with you to suggest what to eat when you can to keep your weight stable. We have a whole section dedicated to endometrial pain that dives into pain management, techniques to try and get through it and a lot more. I would check that out: I am going to be thinking of you. Please keep me posted on how everything is going. - Warmly, Kayleigh, team

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