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What are some tips and tricks to make traveling with Endo easier?

How do you prepare for traveling? What's a necessity in your travel bag? Any tips would be helpful!

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  1. I would say for me:
    Pain medication
    Loose fitting clothes (especially loose fitting pants)
    Comfortable shoes
    Hot water bottle
    A familiar book (I find that reading a good book that's familiar to me is sort of like a comfort blanket)
    Ginger tea

    1. Ohh love these! Thanks so much for sharing. A familiar good book is a great idea, too!! - Pam (team member)

  2. Yes! I travel with a hot water bottle too 😀 never without it. A TENS machine is also very useful, and any tea bags you have at home. I also travel with downloaded podcasts and any meditation apps I normally use at home. All of these help when anxiety kicks in or a flare-up happens 😉 – Jessie (team member)

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