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Supportive Work Shoes?

Hi! Most of my endo pain manifests in my feet and legs - throbbing like I’ve been walking miles even when I haven’t, shooting pains, etc. etc. I work in Facilities at an office so I am on my feet majority of my day and on bad pain days it’s very hard for me to be up and at ‘em. I’ve gotten good at managing my calendar but on days when it’s not an option I need supportive, professional looking shoes. Any suggestions? I have all black athletic sneakers I wear right now, but they’re very worn in and I think I need to switch it up.

  1. Ah I totally understand that. I love anything by Dr. Scholl's. They have some dressier but comfy professional shoes. Sketchers has a bunch of memory foam shoes as well, another brand I really like. I usually scope the styles out on Amazon if you just type in memory foam shoes! Hope this is helpful and you find something super comfy! -Kimberli (advocate)

    1. This is such a great question! I know everyone is different, but I’ve found that wearing slip-on sneakers (like the kind made popular by Vans) with padding in the soles really helps. Currently, I mostly wear a $15 pair I got at Target. I also tend to feel better in shoes made for trail-running or hiking. When it’s winter, I just wear my hiking/snow boots with tights and dresses. Though, that might not be appropriate for all offices. - Keri (team member)

      1. I've found the most relief from wearing Crocs in the house (I have hardwood floors and my PT told me I'd be better off in slippers in the house, and she was right!). I have one pair of Brooks for short walks or errands and a pair of Hoka hiking boots for hiking or longer walks. These shoes are on the pricier end, but they have lasted through multiple seasons. I also bought a heel insert for my shoes that made a huge difference. I hope you're able to find some relief! ~Katrina, Advocate

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions! I appreciate it. I like to try on new style shoes before buying, so I think I need a shopping day 😀 I wear Crocs in my house, too, but my boss would absolutely kill me if I tried wearing them to the office LOL. I miss my start-up days sometimes!

          1. we hope they were helpful! I would have to agree with you, I do like trying stuff on first too so I think a shopping day is totally needed! Haha! Crocs are some of my house hold shoes as well LOL. I will say, I found a pair that are solid on top and don't have the holes like typical Crocs do, would your boss not approve of those kinds? lol. They truly are so comfortable. -Kimberli (advocate)

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