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Signs and symptoms

Hey everyone,
I have always had cramps with my periods, but for the past 4 months they seem to just be getting worse by the month. One month I remember i had hurting so bad i couldnt get out of bed to go to the bathroom. It’s mainly like a stabbing pain almost. I also feel the pain in my butt (i know tmi.) I cant even poop because it hurts so bad. I know its time for the terrible pain to come back around because im going to start soon. I had cramps horribly this morning i had to breathe through them. I just want to know your symptoms. My doctors wont take me seriously because im 20 and it doesn’t run in my family.

  1. I'm 22 and I totally understand your pain. I've been to so many doctors and it's ridiculous how many don't believe you or tell you just to go have a baby and it'll fix the pain. I would recommend taking stool softener everyday and maybe some fiber as well. I take 200 mg of stool softener everyday because my bowels (ew) are so affected. It also doesn't have to run in your family, so I would reach out to friends about who their OBGYN's are. You have to find a doctor that first, believes you and second, helps you find a way to relieve your pain. Also, invest in a vibrating heating pad (they are the bomb). Hope this helps!

    1. @nashstella2, thank you for sharing! So relate to the doctors saying to just have a baby. It makes me so angry! It took me over a dozen doctors until I could find one that would help me! Like you, I take a capful of Miralax a day to help my stools 🙁 ugh! I never thought I would talk about bowels so much in my life! Also, a vibrating heating pad!? Oh my, that sounds relaxing. I will have to check out Amazon and see if I could find one! Thank you again for sharing with us! Hope you are having a pain free day today! -Kimberli (Team Member)

  2. @kenna20, so sorry to hear you are dealing with so much pain. Everything you described sounded exactly like me. That bottom pain is truly the worst to experience. Especially when it makes it hurt to have a bowel movement. It is so common for doctors to not take us seriously and say we are fine or it is in our heads. Endometriosis runs in my family and my doctors still told me there was no way I could have it. But he was far from wrong. I recommend finding a new doctor for sure. It took me over a dozen before I could find one that listened to me. If you haven't yet, join Nancy's Nook on FB, they not only have great info, but have a great list of endometriosis specialists that you can search for in your specific area or surrounding area. That was how I found my doctor. I had excision surgery a few months ago and they saw some endometriosis around the bowels which was causing the pain. I do feel better since surgery but still have those bad days especially around my period. I find taking a capful of Miralax daily in my water has helped with bowel movements and allowing them to be less painful. Along with a squatty potty. The squatty potty helps elevate your legs while using the bathroom. It is suppose to help us be in the correct form we should be in, for a proper bowel movement!

    So sorry you are dealing with all of this and hope you can find relief soon. Do not give up on doctors. Keep fighting and searching until one is willing to help you! Keep us posted if you can. Hugs and good thoughts being sent to you. -Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. Hey all, I recently decided to share about my journey with endometriosis and have implemented natural ways that has help aid my symptoms. I don't really know anyone who is going through the same thing as me, so sites like this is extremely useful, thank you all for your support.

      I Posted a video and I hope it may be of use to someone here?

      Love Tia xxx

      1. Thank you so much for sharing this @TiaWallen. It is so very helpful for sure! Hope you have been doing and feeling well! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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