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Could chronic right flank, tip of scapula, and neck pain be endometriosis?

I have been chasing my tail for 2 years trying to find the root of my pain. All the pain is on my right side: right flank, right tip of scapula, right side of neck. My osteopathic doctor gave me 4 local cortisone shots to no avail. He then gave me an epidural steroid shot thinking that my pain was stemming from a herniated disc. The epidural injection has done no good. He gave me another cortisone shot last week, and my pain is just as bad as before.

My pain is always present but worsens during my period. I had an ultrasound of my organs, and they are fine. I do not have abdominal pain. Is there any chance that I could have diaphragmatic endometriosis despite not having abdominal pain? I would be so grateful for any thoughts. thank you so much, Jenny

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  3. So sorry to hear of everything you are dealing with dear . We cannot give medical advice seeing as we are not doctors, but can share personal experiences! Hopefully others will chime in as well. Pain can certainly be due to a variety of issues. For me personally, my pain stems from endometriosis + fibromyalgia. So it is hard to pinpoint which illness exactly my pain is coming from sometimes.

    This article may be helpful to understand thoracic endometriosis, .

    I would certainly consider looking into seeing an endometriosis specialist. As they may be your best bet and most helpful with trying to figure out what is going on! Sending you good thoughts and hugs. -Kimberli (team member)

    1. Hi there . I just thought I would drop in and see how you have been doing? I hope well! Sending hugs xo -Kimberli (Team Member)

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