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Have you tried a new therapy or treatment recently? How's it going?

Our endometriosis community would love to hear from you & your experience(s)! Have you recently tried a new therapy or treatment? If so, how is it going?

  1. Hi, new member here.

    Would like to know if anyone is/was taking Visanne?

    I'm on my 2nd round of Visanne.
    The 1st round was great; some spotting but then menstruation stopped completely and was pain-free.

    After 6 months of Visanne, stopped taking it. Menstruation came back with so much pain.
    Four months later, I was prescribed Visanne again to help decrease/stop menstruation because the pain became so bad.

    Now, i'm on my 4th month of taking Visanne again for this 2nd round.
    Everything was great the first 3 months of taking it, but now I'm menstruating again even though in theory Visanne should stop me from menstruating.

    Anyone else has similar or other side effects while taking Visanne?

    1. I just stumbled upon your comment here! This is so discouraging to hear. I am so sorry. 🙁 Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience to share, but this was actually a medication I was going to speak to my doctor about! I currently have Mirena and am due to have it removed, so was going to explore this treatment with doctor.

      Do you mind if I ask why you initially stopped taking it at 6 months? I see you shared this question a few weeks ago & was curious to hear how you are doing now?

      Hope to hear back & sure hope this past month your pain was not that bad!

  2. started trigger point injections last week- session 1 of 5 total to come. Got 8 injections in my abdomen.

    1. I just responded to another post of yours asking how you have been doing since your last procedure and saw this! How did your first session go? If you don't mind me asking, is there a recovery regimen you need to follow between appointments? Hoping you found some relief with that first session! Warmly, Kayleigh, team

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