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Mirena Coil

Hi all, I got the Mirena coil almost 10 months ago and although it eventually stopped my periods I regularly get severe pain (similar to my horrific period pains). Is this normal?

I did have a laparoscopy 3 years ago and they lasered away the endometriosis then but the pain never improved. Just curious what are other people’s experiences have been? Thanks, Paula

  1. Hi there . I am so sorry you are still experiencing some pain! I would definitely ask your doctor about that, just as everyone is different and he or she would know better! I will share my personal experience though! I get pain during the time I am suppose to have my 'period' as well. Even if I don't bleed. I had surgery last year and have been experiencing pain again as well. Unfortunately, unless I have another surgery, it is hard to tell if the pain is from endometriosis coming back or adhesions /scar tissue that may have grown from having the surgery! Sort of just take it one day at a time! I know a change of diet, taking out anything that may cause me inflammation, has really helped though. I would definitely try reaching out to your doctor and seeing what they think! I hope you are able to find some answers and relief! Sending big hugs <3 Do keep us posted! -Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. Ive been using the mirena coil for about 7 years now. I am only just getting help from my GP now for endo.

      I have always had periods even with the coil and the pain has got worse and worse over the years. So it definitely hasn't helped at all for me! It may have masked the pain possibly but not anymore. I still get excruciating pain every period. I'm now on a pill aswell as the coil to try and stop periods all together.

      1. Hi there @RebeccaJohnston, Thank you greatly for taking the time to chime in to share your experience with Mirena. I have had Mirena for just over 5 years & am due to have it removed next month. I am not sure what to do! I just hate the thought of getting another IUD. Mirena did help the first few years, but not so much any more. Do you mind me asking what pill you are also taking? Taking that in addition to having the Mirena has not helped? My Ob/Gyn also prescribed a BC pill as well, but I have not taken it. She also mentioned trying Kyleena once the Mirena is removed. My next steps, as I have been saying for months now, but have not yet incorporated, are dietary changes & incorporating supplements/vitamins.

        Thanks again for joining in on this topic & I sure hope you find the relief you so deserve! Hugs.

      2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience dear . I am so sorry to hear Mirena did not seem to be helpful for you. I have yet to give that a try just because of some of the stories I have heard. It certainly is scary. But I have been on BC for 15+ years. And not too sure I found that to be helpful. Certainly masked a lot of problems. Just a few months ago I decided to stop it all together and try to let my body reset. I have seen both positive and negative effects from doing so. It certainly is frustrating that there are not more options for us out there. I do hope you find relief soon <3 Sending you hugs. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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