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insurance for laparoscopy

does insurance cover the diagnostic laparoscopy and excision?

  1. Hi , it depends. Some insurers do, just not all. I know some of our members of our community managed to get a diagnosis, and excision surgery covered, but I also know of others who had to pay for their entire treatment. But it's worth shopping around to find one that would cover it all. I hope you find what suits you best 😀 - Jessie (team member)

    1. Hi , I just wanted to also leave this article with you about navigating insurance. I second Jessie about shopping around until you find one that will cover it if that's a possibility for you. I know that can be difficult but it's definitely worth a shot. Here's that article I mentioned: I really hope that helps! We're here if you ever have any questions or need any help while researching. Warmly, Kayleigh, team

      1. Hi . I just went through this procedure a few months ago. My surgery was covered, with a $250 copay, because I went to someone "in-network." Who's covered depends on your specific insurance plan. But if you have a doctor in mind, you can check with your insurance company to see if the hospital or clinic they work with is covered and how much your out-of-pocket costs would be. Most OB-GYNs are qualified to do a laparoscopy. But not all of them are endo specialists. Here'a an article that you might find helpful:

        Wishing you well! - Keri ( team member)

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